Happy Mother's Day! Mother's Day Ideas.

Happy Mother's Day! Mother's Day Ideas.

What would you really like on Mother's Day?

Watch our Mother's Day video featuring Three Little Kittens.


What do Mothers really really want!

First off, Mothers Day in the US is on Sunday May 12th - so, guys & gals, don't forget!

Go and put the date in your diary. For now, read on to find out what the best

present a mother could receive is.


Chocolates, Flowers, Mothers Day Song

You might think it’s flowers, or chocolates or maybe if you’ve got some extra cash you might get

a piece of jewellery, or a weekend at a spa. (Flowers will always win a few points!)

All these gifts are indeed wonderful and would be greatly appreciated, but for

Mothers Day you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money. I’ll tell you what she

wants, what she really, really wants (zig a zig ah!).

Appreciate her. Mothers work tirelessly, day in, day out to ensure their children are

clean, fed, have everything they need and are happy and his is all done through

natural motherly love. Although she doesn’t do this for a 'thank you', it

would be nice for her efforts are appreciated from time to time, therefore it's worth thinking about what your mother is passionate about and what does she really love to do.

So how could you show your appreciation for the Mothers in your life on


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